Dr Newton Wickham (Well known Auckland Periodontist) on his retirement donated money into a trust which became known as ‘’Newton Wickham Auckland Dental Association Trust’’.

The purpose was to raise the standard of Oral Health for the people of the South Pacific.
Sadly Wicky passed away some years ago. Dr Jonathan Cole a well known Auckland Dentist had great admiration for Wicky’s vision and was actively looking at ways of taking it forward. Then at an NZDA conference in Auckland (August 2011) similar minded Dentists Dr Jonathan Cole (Auckland) , Dr M Moopnar (Huntly)and Dr Yoshi Ediriweera (Ponsonby) met and discussed based on a request to help assist set up a rural Charity Dental Clinic at Veseisei Sai Health Centre in Vuda Fiji.
Further additions to the group were Dr Abdul Aziz (Endodontist), Dr Prashant Kalayan, , Margot Distelzwey, Mr Brian Whitley (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon), and Dr Clarence Tam (Cosmetic Dentist, Chair NZACD). The general concept was to take Wicky’s vision to another level by setting up a Dental Project in the South Pacific to improve the standard of Dentistry by providing FREE:

a) Dental treatment to the poor and the needy
b) Complex dental treatment that was not available
c) Providing training and mentoring to all ranks of Dental Health Profession in Fiji and the South Pacific.

Scoping Missions:

Since September 2012 SFTP has made multiple scoping missions to Fiji, Veseisei Health Centre Vuda, Fiji, and Lautoka Hospital Dental Clinic and Lautoka Hospital.

In June 21/6/13 a AOA (agreement of assistance) was signed between SFTP Dr Jonathan Cole (Chair SFTP) and the Minister of Health Fiji.

In Brief AOA MOH FIJI provided
1) Site- Generous space at Lautoka Hospital Dental Clinic
2) Water, electricity
3) A full time Dental Coordinator (Mrs Miliana Hawea, Hygienist )

SFTP was to

1) Set up NZ standard training and treatment centre
2) Provide all equipment, consumables.
3) Send Dental Volunteer’s on a monthly basis for Treatment and Training

September 1st 2014

After fully refurbished, the MOH/SFTP TTC (Training and Treatment Centre) was formally opened and patients were seen.

Since April 2014

SFTP has undertaken over 35 Training and Treatment sessions at MOH/SFTP TTC and other locations like Labasa Hospital, Commonwelath War Memorial Hospital, Fiji National University Complex Suva.
April 2014

Dr Abdul Aziz – Endodontist ‘’ Future trends in Endodontics’’

1. 2nd May – CWMH/FNU Complex + site visits and discuss with staff and FNU CWMH.
2. 6th May – Lautoka Hospital, Discussions with builder on TTC refurbishment. Lecture ‘’ Future trends in Endodontics’’.
    Dr Surend Chandra (Acting director Bayside Oral Health Care, Brisbane) ‘’ Sterilization and Infection control’’ 3 lectures
3. Labasa Hospital (Medical/Nursing Staff 21st-23rd July
4. Labasa Hospital Dental Clinic
5. Labasa FNU complex
6. FNU complex Suva 25th July
7. Dr Jonathan Cole ‘’ Digital Dentistry’’, FNU Complex Suva 25th July
8. Digital Dentistry Lautoka Hospital 28th July
9. Lautoka Hospital 28th July Dr Chandra

1st September 2014 – SFTP TTC Opening Ceremony/ Tanoa Waterfront Hotel, Lautoka. Jonathan and Jenny Cole, Prashant Kalyan, Brian Whitley, Moop and Ivoclar Vivadent, Henry Schien reps and NSK Praneesh Prasad, Roger Shalfoon, Margot Distelzway + 120 guests including Dr Joan Lal, Dr Leenu Maimanuku, Dr Luisa (MS Lautoka Hospital), and Dental professionals from Fiji and the South Pacific.
MOH/SFTP TTC Opening Training + patients seen
Mr Brian Whitley Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon (Anglesea OMS)
10) Monday 1st September 2014 – Brian Whitley
-Management of Disorders of the Temperomandibular Joint
-Management of Neuropathic and Neurovascular pain.
Tanoa Waterfront Hotel, Lautoka 12-3PM over 60 attendees MOH, FNU + Private Dental Practitioners and South Pacific Country delegates.

11) 2nd September FNU MOH at FNU complex Suva evening teaching program – Brian Whitley
Management of disorders if the Temperomandibular joint
Management of Neuropathic and neurovascular pain.
Numbers: 30 (FNU, MOH and Private Practitioners).

12) Patients seen by Brian Whitley at CWMH Dental Clinic 3rd September

13) 4th Sept 2014 Evening Teaching program by Brian Whitley at Lautoka
Numbers: 35 MOH and Private Practitioners.

14) 5th September 2014 – Full day complex case seen at SFTP TTC
15) October 2014 – Dr Yoshi Edriweera, 1 weeks at SFTP TTC

Feb 2014 Cosmetic Dentistry Lecture, Dr Clarence Tam
- Modern super composites: Readjusting the face of nature with predictability and strength.
- Tooth formers: More than meets the Eye, techniques for Biomimicy.
- Centric Illusion: A breath by Breath guide to engineering Dental Emotion.

16) 7th feb - Lautoka Hospital– Clarence Tam
Numbers: 30+
17) 8th feb- FNU/CWMH
Numbers: 30+

18) 9th Feb – Clarence Tam
SFTP TTC CLINIC cosmetic Dentistry cases hands on.

19) Dr Jonathan Cole
March 26th------1st April 1 week at SFTP admin and patients SFTP TTC.
20) 1 day Suva Dr Jonathan Cole meeting with Joan Lal, Dr Leenu, and Minister or Health.

Katie Ayers – Specialist Pediatric Dentist and Mr Angus Colquhoun- Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Waikato Hospital, Hamilton
Katie and Angus 2 days easter program 5th and 6th April 2015

21) Sunday 5th April (Tanoa International Hotel, Nandi)
- Theory and Medical Aspects of sedation including Nitrous , oral and IV
- Managing the young Dental patients (Including demonstration of Nitrous Oxide and Equipment and the Wand),
Katie. Had 30 participants FNU, MOH, Private Dental Practitioners, Tonga, America Samoa, Western Samoa cooks, Solomon, Kiribas.

23) Monday 6th AM: ‘’Myths of Alveolar Surgery’’
-Suturing techniques (Angus Coloqhoun)
24) Monday 6th April
- Dental Anomalies in children
- Managing training to the deciduous dentition- Katie Ayers
Numbers: 30 participants
25) Monday 6th
- Oral Medicine lumps and bumps – Angus Coloqhoun
Biopsy technique
- Early detection and early intervention of Oral cancer
Numbers: 30 participants

26) Tuesday 7th 

Angus Coloqhoun – SFTP TTC 

- Oral Surgery Clinic
- Oral and Maxillofacial cases, assessment and treatment
- Training 10 participants from Island Countries, FNU and MOH.
27) Tuesday 7th Katie Ayers SFTP TTC
Management of children, 10+ Dentist Training for use of Nitrous Oxide unit.

28) Wednesday 8th April
Angus Coloqhoun Teaching program 5---8PM
Lautoka Hospital
- MOH, Private Dental Practitioners
- Theory and Medical Aspects of sedation including Nitrous, Oral and IV.
- Myths of Alveolar Surgery
- Suturing Techniques
- Oral Medicine lumps and bumps, biopsy technique
Numbers: 25 participants
29) Wednesday 8th April
Angus Coloqhoun treating cases at TTC
- Teaching Pacific Island and Fijian observations

30) Thursday 9th April
Katie Ayers SFTP patients and training use of Nitrous Oxide teaching local Dentists

31) Katie Ayers patients at TTC
Friday 10th April

32) Friday 10th April Angus Coloqhoun training and treatment at TTC.
33) Katie Ayers
Katie Ayers teaching program, Lautoka Hospital
- Managing the young Dental patients
- Dental Amoralities in children
- Management of Trauma to the Deciduous Dentition, 25 Private Dental Practitioners, MOH.
Numbers: 25 participants
34) Friday 10th April
Katie Ayers saw patients at SFTP TTC

35) Friday 10th April
Angus Coloqhoun
Treating cases at SFTP

36) May 4th and 5th Dr Jungen Park + Team teaching and working at TTC

SFTP future volunteer visits and training programs

June – Dr Surend Chandra A/Director, Bayside Oral Health Care, Brisbane
1) 21st Labasa Hospital
2) 24th Lautoka Hospital Teaching
3) 25th SFTP TTC Hands on Training
Topic: Digital Dentistry Cone beams and cad cam
Infection control, ‘’ measuring quality of success.
11) July Dr Abdul Aziz Endodontist July 13th-17th SFTP TTC
12) August 2015 – Dr Shayesye Irani and colleague to provide treatment and mentoring at TTC
13) Margot Distelzway ‘’ Dental Assistant Training ‘’ at SFTP TTC Early September 2015
14) Mr Brian Whitley (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Hamilton)
15) Mike Williams – Specialist Maxillofacial Technition Waikato Hospital, Hamilton
Doing 1 week program
28th and 29th Sept - Suva
- 2 day CWMH/FNU Suva- teaching and patient treatment with Professor Jayantha Weerasinghe
- Mike Williams helping set up Ocular Unit (prosthetic eyes)
16) Brian Whitley and Mike Williams 30th sept ---- 2nd October
SFTP TTC teaching and treatment Lautoka

17) 3rd October – Fiji Oral Health Workers Association conference at Tanoa Waterfront Hotel, Lautoka.

October 31st SFTP Gala Dinner Auckland ,evening with volunteer Dentists/ Specialists, industry and those who have assisted SFTP (Dr Clarence Tam project).

November 7th Saturday SFTP NZ Charity Program at Huntly Dental Centre around 120 patients will be seen for FREE,07:00am---04.00pm(Program coordinator Brian Whitley/Moop).

Steve Evans (OMF surgeon)
Feb 2016 – Clarence Tam

Veseisei Sai Dental Centre: SFTP has also contributed equipment and materials towards the set up of this rural charity dental clinic in 2012—2013.

SFTP is a charitable organization
We rely on the generosity of the NZ volunteer Dentists/ Specialists for their donated time and expertise for FREE. Over 40 Training and Treatment missions have been taken thus far since April 2014.
The strength of SFTP is the large pool of generous volunteer specialists and Dentists supporting this cause in the South Pacific and our well established infrastructure and network in the South Pacific. We are in debt to Dental Industry, all donors, Volunteer Dental Specialists, Dentists for their support in this nobel cause, also a special thanks to Dr Prashant Kalyan mates in Fiji, Vision group and others for refurbishing SFTP/TTC, donations and providing transport for our volunteers and also Mr Graham Gun, Huntly Lions (builder) for generously flying to Fiji and making draught plan and design of TTC.

SFTP is the largest dental aid charity organization of its kind in the South Pacific.

Mixing both training and treatment, aimed to empower the local dental practitioners in south pacific to take dentistry to the next level. The cost of this sustainable program for the next 3-5 years is in excess of NZ 5Million

SFTP OCULAR UNIT (PROSTHETIC EYE, EAR, NOSE ETC) Plans are in progress to set up this very needed unit at CWMH SUVA Mike Williams specialized Maxillofacial Technician (Waikato Hospital is assisting SFTP with this new project which is not available in Fiji.

We are proud to be a part of this amazing success
Our sincere thanks to you all


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Margot Distelzway [Dental Auxillary)
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Dr Clarence (Chair NZACD Cosmetic Dentist)
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